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X-Treme Athletics At Jerome’s Gym

X-Treme Athletics is strength and conditioning training with the aim of improving cardiovascular endurance, stamina, speed, coordination, agility, and balance. X-Treme Athletics promotes both physical exercise and also competitive sport prep. X-Treme Athletics workouts incorporate elements from high intensity interval training, Olympic style weightlifting, powerlifting, and other exercises. The X-Treme Athletics training philosophy developed by Master Trainer Jerome Givens is designed as the perfect combination of strength, performance and conditioning for any committed individual regardless of experience. The program is also suitable for all ages and physical conditions. The X-Treme Athletics program was developed to enhance an individual’s core competencies at all physical tasks. Our members are trained to perform successfully on a broad range of diverse physical tasks and challenges.

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What Is XTreme Athletics?

Xtreme Athletics is a program featuring dynamic exercises structured in such a way that participants are challenged to do a certain number of repetitions in a workout in a specific time frame. The more advance participants will actually compete against each other to see how fast they can complete the daily workout. Due to the intensity and explosive muscle action of the exercises in our XTreme workouts, there are many benefits for our bodies. High-intensity, power-based exercises are effective for burning a high number of calories in a short period of time, while improving aerobic fitness and promoting the anabolic hormones such as testosterone, which is responsible for muscular growth and actually has an anti-aging effect. Our XTreme Athletics program is a great way for individuals to add much-needed intensity and diversity to their exercise program.

Benefits of XTreme Athletics

  • Provides a full-body workout.
  • Our training combines elements of cardio, weight lifting, plyometrics and core training.
  • It is a strength and conditioning program that can be tailored to any fitness level.
  • Includes high intensity, varied workouts.
  • Is highly adaptable to include everyone from kids to seniors.
  • Provides real world functional fitness.
  • Xtreme Athletics enhances an individual’s overall competency at physical tasks.

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v2-Red--Kettle-Bell The mission of our training method at Jerome’s Gym is simple: We utilize the best available methods to help our members make the broadest and most profound gains possible in fitness and health. Our fitness training techniques include functional movements like pushing, pulling, running, squatting and lifting – all executed at a high intensity rate. Our methods also ensure you will never get bored with your workouts. Every day you’ll receive a workout program that is scalable to your fitness level. And it won’t take you hours per day in the gym to realize results. Our program is unique. How so? Well, above and beyond the functional gains, our program incorporates strength and conditioning aspects that create the ultimate fitness package.

We believe fitness is an evolving journey that never ends. Which is why the trainers at Jerome’s Gym stay abreast of advancements in the field of exercise, health and fitness. We are constantly assessing and testing our strengths, weaknesses to ensure we push past perceived boundaries. Every member’s journey is different. As your coaches and trainers, our goal is to never become complacent. We want to make Jerome’s Gym the place where you can expect to get accurate and knowledgeable answers to your questions. Our goal is to help everyone grow by ensuring our members aren’t hindered by any perceived personal limitations.

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